Somaly Mam resigns because of lies she told about Sex Trafficking that did not exist

Somaly Mam, Long Pros lying about Sex Trafficking to get government grants and donations to live the celebrity life style.
Somaly Mam Become a millionaire by lying about sex with children.
NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — Somaly Mam, one of the world’s best-known activists against sex trafficking, resigned Wednesday from the foundation she created after an investigation uncovered discrepancies in the shocking personal history she used to raise millions of dollars in funding around the world.
somaly mam
Somaly Mam on right in picture above
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3 comments on “Somaly Mam resigns because of lies she told about Sex Trafficking that did not exist
  1. Edith Angelo says:

    I have met Somaly Mam and I have followed her story for 7 years. While she may have gotten caught up in the ‘star’ quality she attained, as any beautiful young woman would, her mission has always been pure. Anything she said or did by exaggerating details of her life in a book written by a hired Ghost Writer, is proof that the human race can ONLY be engaged by sensationalism. Somaly has built schools to educate the girls she has rescued. A compound for those who are too traumatized to return to any kind of normal life. She is training other girls to take over the fight when she is gone. NOTHING can be accomplished in this world without paying somebody off; without frightening people. You need MONEY to accomplish ANYTHING on this jaded planet. “The World is run by Organized Crime.” Ahmadinejad. Somaly played the game by THEIR rules and she is the one being punished. I cried all night for her, not because of anything she said or did, but because the only way to win is to lie.

    • charming22 says:

      So you don’t mind someone doing more harm than good (forcibly confining consensual adult sex workers, taking them away from something they choose to do, enslaving them to work for the garment industry, grossly overinflating the trafficked and children stats, not a little bit but by tens of thousands? Threatening those confined into telling lies about their situations?

      That isn’t corruption of that govt, that is corrupting the western world to get $$ donated based on lies. Save a hundred girls, fine, and set up schools as alternatives, but let’s not pretend this was anything other than massive fraud. No one would have cared if she wasnt a victim of sex trafficking if she had started this introducing herself as someone who had escaped having to endure that life, her work would have been just as valid. It was everything else, lying about the numbers, lying about who was ‘saved’, lying about who was being forced to stay in the rescue camp just to ensure donars could see high numbers, lying about their lives being better, lying about them being forced to do sex work, on and on.

      if you want to expend energy and dollars for good works, give it to the UN or GAAWW, people who know what they are doing, and understand this, and won’t squander your donation on lies.

  2. Bai says:

    This article is fake. Mainly because A.There are LIES in it. So, A. “Electrodes hooked up to a car battery.” is NOT TRUE! B. She only spent three years in the brothel.

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