Somaly Mam, Nicholas Kristof, and the University of Virginia, Rolling Stone rape hoax

Somaly Mam, Nicholas Kristof, and the University of Virginia, Rolling Stone  rape hoax

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times did the same thing with Somaly Mam (even worse) Than Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely with the lying Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus” at the University of Virginia.
And guess what? Old Nicholas Kristof wrote about how terrible rape is on the UVA campus in the New York Times.

This whole thing played out just months ago with the Somaly Mam/Nicholas Kristof sex trafficking rape scandal, lying and falsely stating that:   “hundreds of millions of underage girls are kidnapped, beaten, forced against their will prostitutes. ”

And with “Sex Trafficking hysteria” in general.

Not only did Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times write many fake made up stories about “Somaly Mam” and sex trafficking he also promote it, and wrote books, made documentaries and did marketing for her.

Somaly Mam and Nicholas
Kristof should have lawsuits filed against them and go to prison for committing
fraud and stealing money from the public by providing the public with false sex
trafficking horror stories that were lies to send money to the Somaly Mam and Afesip
charities. These charities then committed human trafficking themselves by
forcing women and girls to stay in their (rescue) centers against their will
and to lie about being forced into sex trafficking to the western media and

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times newspaper appeared with Somaly Mam at many fund raising events. He acted as her press, marketing and celebrity agent. Writing books and making documentaries about her. It seemed like Kristof was working for Somaly Mam. Was he getting a kick-back from her? Why was he doing all this work for her? How much money did Nicholas Kristof make from Somaly Mam?

And guess what? Somaly Mam continues to make millions of
dollars off of her lies with her new anti-sex trafficking NGO. Nicholas
Kristof was never fired and continues to make millions off of lies.


Click on this link to FIRE Nicholas Kristof from the New York Times

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