Chong Kim of the film Eden is a Fraud lying about Sex Trafficking

Chong Kim and Megan Griffith are committing Fraud – Lying about sex trafficking to make money with the Eden Movie.


By Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Below is brief section of the article:

And now we are seeing so many of these horror stories fall apart. First it was Somaly Mam, the activist whose own sex trafficking story, as well as those of some of her star “rescues,” turned out to be false. After years of international support and acclaim, Mam—a favorite of The New York Times’ Nicolas Kristof—was exposed by Newsweek as a fraud.

Now Chong Kim’s story, too, may be coming apart. Last week Breaking Out, a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking of all forms, posted the following message on Facebook:

We regretfully want to inform everyone the results of a year long investigation by our highly experienced investigative unit, that Chong Kim whom has claimed to be a survivor of human trafficking is not what she claims to be.

After thorough investigation into her story, people, records and places, as well as, many interviews with producers, publishers and people from organizations, we found no truth to her story. In fact, we found a lot of fraud, lies, and most horrifically capitalizing and making money on an issue where so many people are suffering from.

According to Breaking Out’s founder, James Barnes, it and several other organizations were defrauded by Chong, who was collecting money in their names without actually passing any of it on. “We are ready with others supporting us to take full legal action against Chong Kim,” Barnes’ statement said.

The absense of any attempt at verification—from the authors who repeated Kim’s story, the journalists who interviewed her, the organizations that brought her on as a speaker, or any of the myriad people behind the “based on a true story” Eden—makes it pretty clear that nobody wanted to find holes in Kim’s story. We want victim narratives so badly that we refuse to listen to sex workers when they say they’re not victims and leap at the chance to tell the stories, no matter how apocryphal, of those whose tales conform with our expectations.

“Moral panic deployed to appeal to outraged empathy, or sexploitation deployed to appeal to giggling prurience; they both function in much the same way,” wrote Berlatsky. And with sex trafficking tales, we get a two for one. It’s almost too good to resist. But let’s try.

Article Link and more about the Chong Kim and Eden fraud:

Chong Kim sex trafficking fraud – lying is common with sex trafficking

Here are some good articles that have a good summary of the Somaly Mam, and Nicholas Kristof controversy about them lying about Sex Trafficking:  petition to fire Nicholas Kristof from the New York Times

Swallowing the camel summary of Somaly Mam

Newsweek story of Somaly Mam

Laura Agustin on Somaly Mam

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2 comments on “Chong Kim of the film Eden is a Fraud lying about Sex Trafficking
  1. Brian says:

    well, the problem is they didn’t even publish anything on their own website, only on their Facebook account. And the text they are publishing on their Facebook contains nothing solid, unless thei publish photos.

  2. Project Nemesis says:

    Maybe a fraud,but there something stinking in United States,we dont need lamb organizations acting like victims,we need justice warriors,paramilitary volunters,vigilante man and women that hate rapists,and other sociopat scum,and form a heavy branch if police are involved,or pass beyond the law againist this barbarian men,they will pay…be careful if is one of them…charlie bronson spirit can grab your foot at night…

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